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Welcome to Love Wild Africa. My name is Scott Ramsay and I’m a photographer, adventurer and author who explores Africa’s national parks and wilderness areas.


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Magic of Mana

Mana Pools is one of my favourite wild places, especially be...

22nd November 2016
Walking with wild dogs in Mana Pools

Mana Pools in Zimbabwe is famous for it's walking safaris. I...

21st November 2016
Night drive at Little Ruckomechi

I was taken on a night drive at Little Ruckomechi in Mana Po...

We were taught by the ancient Africans that we are part of God, as a little pebble is part of a great mountain. We did not regard ourselves as superior to the animals, the trees and the fishes and the birds. We regarded ourselves as part of all these living things.

Credo Mutwa